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Raw Erotica: Sex, Lust, and Desire in Outsider Art

Raw Erotica: Sex, Lust, and Desire in Outsider Art

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This unique book presents works that until now have only been seen in private collections or museum vaults. Works by well known outsider artists and new discoveries express their personal interpretations of sexual desire and activity.

These rare works are an essential element in the rich and varied world of outsider and self-taught art where the inhibitions and accepted norms of mainstream and contemporary art simply do not apply.

Over 50 outsider and self-taught artists tackle expressions of sex and lust. Their work ranges from depictions of modern sex-folk tales such as the Bobbits or Bill Clinton and Monica, to intimate photographic portraits, rough carvings, kinetic sculptures and startling paintings.


  • Rawerotics. From Compulsion to Repulsion by Colin Rhodes
  • Depicting the Object of Desire by Roger Cardinal
  • Steve Ashby, the Outsider’s Outsider by Jenifer P. Borum
  • Sex as a Matter of Fact: European Outsiders by Laurent Danchin
  • Free Sexuality or Perversion? The Erotic in American Outsider Art by Michael Bonesteel
  • The Secret Lens of Miroslav Tichý by Roger Cardinal
  • Pleasure and Pain—Sexual and Erotic Motifs in the Prinzhorn Collection by Thomas Röske
  • The Erotic World of Ody Saban by Françoise Monnin
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