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until December 1, 2019
Solo show of works by self-taught artist Dapper Bruce Lafitte


until January 2020
"Environments", run by Outside In, national charity providing a platform for artists facing barriers to the art world, features work by 80 outsider artists

until November 27, 2019
In collaboration with Bruce Silverstein Gallery, "Frederick Sommer: Visual Affinities" presents works by the artistic polymath

until January 5, 2020
"The Outside and the Inside" brings together the Ingram Inside Out and Outside In collections

until December 7, 2019
"Joe Coleman and The Shadow Self" surveys the past 25 years of the artist’s degenerate and deviant portraiture

until January 31, 2020
A solo exhibition is dedicated to the extensive oeuvre of Anna Zemánková 

Raw Vision is very sad to announce that great visionary writer and art historian Roger Cardinal passed away on November 1 at the age of 79

until January 5, 2020
“The Electric Eye” features works by 41 creators from the Treger/Saint Silvestre Collection