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until April 25, 2020
"What Carried Us Over: Gifts from Gordon W. Bailey"


until February 2, 2020
"Carlo Zinelli: Recto Verso" features all of Zinelli’s works belonging to the Collection de l'Art Brut holdings

until February 19, 2020
Photographs by more than 35 Fountain House Gallery artists

January 16–19, 2020
The 28th edition of the fair will showcase 61 exhibitors, representing 34 cities, from nine countries, with seven first-time galleries

until March 15, 2020
"Lusofolia: Insane Beauty" features well-known and lesser-known outsiders

until January 31, 2020
A selection of 20 paintings by Egidio Cuniberti

until February 22, 2020
Mainstream and outsider artists portray their vision of the naked body

until January 25, 2020
"Mythologie de Sète, 1982/2019" features works by Aldo Biascamano