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Raw Vision is the world's only international journal of outsider art and allied fields including art brut, self-taught contemporary folk art and visionary art. 

Raw Vision was founded with the express purpose of bringing outsider art to a wider public. Over the years, the perception of outsider art has developed from being an almost secret, clandestine art that is often overlooked and scorned, into a vibrant factor in contemporary art and culture.

As the original and ultimate journal on outsider, self-taught, visionary, folk and marginal arts, art brut and visionary environments, each issue of Raw Vision features:

  • articles on classic artists of art brut and outsider art

  • articles on completely unknown outsider artists from around the world

  • articles on creators and builders of sculpture gardens and environments

  • articles on self-taught artists working in studios and disability workshops

  • reviews of exhibitions and books

  • interviews with artists and collectors

  • international guide to galleries and museums

  • international news on exhibitions, events, updates on environments and artists, obituaries

  • reviews of specialist books and exhibitions.




Since its launch in 1989, Raw Vision has established itself as one of the world’s leading art magazines and has been awarded the prestigious UNESCO CAMERA award for World’s Best Art Magazine, Utne Independent Press Award (USA) and Medaille de la Ville Paris for contributions to international culture. 




Raw Vision readers are:

  • art collectors

  • art professionals

  • intelligent and discerning

  • creative professionals

  • artists, professional

  • artists, self-taught

  • mental health professionals



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