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Carl Freedman / Jennifer Lauren Gallery: To all the Kings who have no Crowns

January 30 – April 3, 2022

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Carl Freedman presents Jennifer Lauren Gallery, showcasing seventeen international, distinct contemporary practices, revealing a diverse collection of art forms including drawing, painting, ceramics, embroidery and found object sculptures.

The title To all the Kings who have no Crowns (taken from a Kate Bradbury artwork) represents the seventeen self-taught and disabled artists chosen who, despite being skilled artists, are yet to receive the recognition they rightly deserve within contemporary arts. Jennifer is passionate about creating awareness and gaining respect for these and many other similar artists.

The artwork exhibited, whilst appearing highly individual upon first viewing, has many similarities in the way it is produced. Each artist revels in the creative mark making process and, whilst the finished product is important, it is the act of creation itself and being given a voice, that many of the artists value most. Driven and often compelled to create, each generally unplanned piece gives us insights into the artist’s subconscious, values, or beliefs, with heavy layering, detail, rhythm, and repetition being the signature components.

The exhibiting artists are: Kate Bradbury, Éric Derochette, Robert Fischer, Joe Goldman, Hakunogawa, Nnena Kalu, Norimitsu Kokubo, Pradeep Kumar, Dan Miller, Raymond Morris, Margaret Mousseau, Chris Neate, Masao Obata, Valerie Potter, CJ Pyle, Shinichi Sawada, and Terence Wilde.

Below is a walk-through of the exhibition (press CC for the subtitles), including artist information and panoramic views of each room right at the end.



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