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AVAM: A Visionary Spirit for Invention

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Running until November 2021, "A Visionary Spirit for Invention” is a bespoke art exhibition selected from works within the permanent collection of The American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM) and assembled out of a great shared respect and affection between the State of Maryland and the EU, bolstered from a tour of AVAM by all twenty-seven EU Ambassadors to the US, that occurred in December 2019.

Orville Wright's American Flyer, Julian Harr (2003). Carved pine, 44 in.

Hosted at the EU Embassy Residence in Washington, D.C. at the invitation of Ambassador Stavros Lambrinidis and his wife, Phoebe Kapouano, “A Visionary Spirit for Invention” is an art exhibition dedicated to illuminating the role that resourceful, self-reliant, and resilient visionaries have played throughout humanityʼs upward evolution and in underscoring that same spirited vision embedded in the founding heart of the American experiment. 

Gabriel's Last Call, Howard Finster (1984). Carved and painted wood, 11.75 x 48.25 in.

Curated by AVAMʼs Founder and Director, Rebecca Alban Hoffberger, “A Visionary Spirit for Invention,” is joyfully devoted to deepening the mutual goodwill between America and its caring allies of the European Union, and in the hope of inspiring ever new creative partnerships toward a better and kinder world.

The Gateway, Antar Mikosz (2013). Acrylic, oil, markers on canvas, 56.25 x 80.5 in.

While this exhibition is not open to the public, please stay tuned for virtual tours. 

Photos courtesy: EU Delegation to the United States
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