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Transcendence: Władysław Wałęga

Ewa Tobola and Bartosz Tobola's entry into the

Władysław Wałęga; Polish self-taught painter, born in Krakow in 1940. After World War II, he was sent to an orphanage after his father died in the concentration camp in Auschwitz and his mother was detained.

In 1956, he was sent to the correctional facility for trying to escape abroad. In 1964, he was sentenced to prison for the first time. In 1971 he made self-immolation in the courtroom. In 1975 he left prison and went to a psychiatric hospital in Krakow, where he began to paint.

Today he is considered one of the most outstanding contemporary representatives of the Art Brut trend in Poland. His work is connected with surrealism and supernaturalism. His works are in the collections of the Ethnographic Museum in Krakow, the Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw and other museums as well as in private collections in the country and abroad.

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