Pier Nello Manoni's entry into the
2019 Raw Vision short film competition

Fernando Oreste Nannetti was born in Rome, of an unknown father. After finishing primary school the young boy was put into a charitable institution and at the age of ten was placed in a psychiatric hospital for minors.

In 1956 Nannetti was arrested for insulting a public official and that same year was confined to the Volterra Psychiatric Hospital, in Tuscany. Fernando Oreste Nannetti is the author of a written work cut into the stone walls of the Psychiatric Hospital in Volterra, Italy, where he was confined.

He said he was in contact with electro-magnetic waves and so, day after day, he recorded that telepathically received information. This monumental creation, the fruit of nine years’ work from 1959 to 1961, and 1968 to 1973, is seventy metres long and stretches across several of the institution’s courtyard walls.

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