First published: Fall 2023

A Scottish artist has transformed his house-front into an ever-changing installation through which he vents his political and personal fury


Like many of us, Jim Donnelly (“JD”) keeps a watchful eye on the national news. The British royal family, Scotland’s former First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, MPs, top police officers and lawmakers – all are the subjects of his keen interest.


Donnelly outside his house on London Road, Glasgow, in 2023
all photos: George Wright


The Scottish artist’s home on London Road in Glasgow’s East End is a protest, a local landmark, and a constantly evolving artwork. Set back from the busy main route into town, the four-story building sits atop a short sloping tarmac drive. Opposite is a small, dreary-looking patch of grass, and the neighbouring homes are modest. The location would be forgettable to any passing motorist except for one thing – the extraordinary artworks JD has created at the front of his house.


JD used art to express his anger after he was drawn into a high-profile police investigation involving the British royal family


He has covered the high wall outside with a series paintings and sculptures that force anyone passing to stop and look again. A hellish-looking snake with the face of Sturgeon slithers across the main body of the wall. Above that, grotesque caricatures of other Scottish politicians appear in a boat labelled “Our Cash”. Most of them have Pinocchio noses. Slogans beside them read “Liars” and “Lost Files”. An image of Sturgeon's predecessor Alex Salmond, who used to present a talk show on Russia Today, reads “Putin’s Pal”. Biggest of all are the messages “Princess Diana’s mum’s jewels covered up by police” and “This lot killed my girl at 28”.


JD airs his views on Scotland’s former First Ministers Alex Salmon (above) and Nicola Sturgeon (left)



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