First published:Summer 2007

Soon after his wife's death in 1969 Armstrong went to work as a foreman in a local box factory and supplemented his earnings there by constructing benches, tables and cupboards.

Three years later he had a transforming vision in which an angel appeared before him proclaiming God's message that 'Our time has gone to waste… judgment day will come and what hour only He [God] knows.'

After this experience Armstrong became reclusive and preoccupied with time, the Book of Revelation and the making of elaborate calendars designed to predict the exact time and date of the Day of Judgment.

These would transform, nourish, define and testify to his faith and pointed out the direction an individual's personal and spiritual lives should take. Armstrong produced close to 1,500 works, creating them in series and refining his formats.

This is an article extract; read the full article in Raw Vision #59.

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