First published: Winter 2019
The innovative Scottish artist reveals his newest artworks

Since featuring in Raw Vision issue 69 with his abstract, narrative-based painting-sculpture, Existence (2009), Edinburgh-based artist Colin McKenzie has gone on to create two further major works. Using handmade tools and painstaking techniques, which he invented then developed and refined over nearly a decade, McKenzie applies thin layers of acrylic paint and builds them into three-dimensional structures. He applies the paint in alternating colours, so that the individual layers are clearly visible. Gradually, the paint starts to project up, so that it appears to be floating above the board on which the artist works.

Now, McKenzie has written to Raw Vision describing the narratives of his two latest works and the new painting methods he has used for them, which he calls the “Three Laws”:

Existence, Maverick DNA and Attraction are three paintings that together make a set called ‘Three Laws’. They are an introduction to a new painting discovery of my own called ‘three-dimensional acrylic painting’ and, between them, they show the three basic methods that I use: ‘3D square designing’, ‘3D box designing’ and ‘3D cube designing’.”

This is an article extract; read the full article in Raw Vision #104.

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