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Scottie Wilson

First published:Summer 2004

Scottie Wilson, a wily Glasgow-born junk dealer, who became one of the best-known self-taught artists, created his first artwork at the age of 44, drawing his signature swirl of faces, flora and fauna in the backroom of his second-hand store in Toronto.



Once that first drawing was complete, Scottie, born Louis Freeman in 1891, gradually became consumed by his new passion. He spent hours in the back of his shop, neglecting his business to the point where a friend stepped in and took over for him.



When later asked what his pictures were about, he replied that he was simply ‘putting his dreams onto paper’ and refused to elaborate on whether there was any hidden meaning in his work. To Scottie, if you couldn’t understand by looking at it, there was just no use in trying to explain. ‘Aye, birds, trees, and flowers – that’s me. Don’t ask me what they mean. If you don’t know I can’t tell you. Some people can feel it; were born with it.’

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