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Schützenhöfer and Vondal

First published: Summer 2005

The House of Artists presently accommodates 12 people, nine of whom already have a reputation as artists. Upon first moving into the House of Artists one needs a certain period of acclimatisation. Having established their position within the group, the new resident relaxes and starts to feel at home. Then they can begin to work artistically. Everyone takes their own time to develop their talent.


It took Günther Schützenhöfer three years to reach the point of his works being exhibited. This was due to his very slow and intermittent work pattern.

Schützenhöfer was born in 1965 in Mödling, Lower Austria and spent most of his early life in various institutions. When he eventually moved into the House of Artists in 1999, he produced his first artworks which were mainly small format drawings with grey or coloured pencils. Lately, he has moved on to larger works.

Things are different with Karl Vondal. Vondal has been living in the House of Artists since the year 2002 and the Gallery of Gugging Artists first exhibited his works in the summer of 2004. In contrast to Schützenhöfer, Vondal always carries a drawing with him and mostly works on two or three of them simultaneously. He keeps them rolled up in his room until completion.
Vondal was born in 1953 in Obersiebenbrunn, southern Austria. He began training as a bricklayer and suffered a severe motorcycle accident at the age of 16. Two years later, in 1971, Vondal was first admitted to a psychiatric clinic.
Vondal spent time in various institutions before 2002 when he was invited into the House of Artists on account of his artistic talent.


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