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Raw Collecting: John Jerit

First published: Fall 2014

In Memphis, Tennessee, John Jerit looks at the world attentively – often through the 3D lenses his company, American Paper Optics, produces; it is the world’s leading manufacturer of such glasses and related 3D items. (Jerit’s company made the paper-frame 3D glasses that are bound into this issue of Raw Vision.) When he was a teenager, old advertising signs caught his eye, and he collected them. He went on to amass tin toys, Art Deco and Arts and Crafts furnishings, and paintings by the Hungarian-born naïve artist Ladis W. Sabo (1870–1953).


Photo: Brett Hanover

In 2001, he attended his first Slotin Folk Art auction in Georgia, at which objects from the estate of the influential American collector-curator Herbert Waide Hemphill, Jr (1929–1998) were sold. “I bought 60 to 80 pieces a year at auctions”, Jerit recalls.

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