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Power On! The Fantastic Environment of Dr. Evermor

First published:Winter 1998

In Eddington, England, more than one hundred years ago, a young boy witnessed a dramatic lightning storm. He asked his pious Presbyterian guardian, 'Father, where does this lightning come from?' His father replied, 'The lightning was sent from God in Heaven.'

As the years passed, the boy studied the mechanical innovations of the industrial revolution: Tesla coils, electro-magnetism, telephones, phonographs, dynamos, incandescent bulbs, and turbines. Inventors, such as Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and George Westinghouse were his heroes.

The boy envisioned that all things seemed possible! He often recalled the words of his father and dreamed of using technology to engineer a wondrous machine that would propel him into the heavens to meet the Lord. As an adult he emigrated to the United States.

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