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Mr Imagination

First published: Fall 1998

A young artist sold pieces of self-made jewelery to random customers for small dollars in the darkened streets of Chicago. The year was 1978. Days before the fateful night, the artist had heard a voice which told him that someone wanted to kill him. And then the shadow from the alley tapped his shoulder and from the hungry mouth of a .22 calibre, the bullets screamed. Two shots in the gut, crimson blood on the pavement, lonely screams of fear. Mr. Imagination stumbles into a nearby bar and gurgles pleas of help.


The bartender drags his body to an adjacent lot where he is found by the paramedics. The assailant escapes with 40 cents and Mr. Imagination is left with 8 metal clamps stapled to his stomach and a bullet floating in the primordial juice of his heart.


This is an article extract; read the full article in Raw Vision #24

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