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Silvio Barile: More Than Materialismo

First published: Fall 2006

Silvio has always built things. When he was a boy, he would make trucks from clay. He said it was a natural progression to more intricate, artistic endeavours. He started building his sculptures twenty years ago, and pretty soon they outgrew his tiny bakery. To house them, he opened his museum next door. Later, his sculptures began to move outside and into the back yard of the house he owns behind his businesses. This is how his sculpture garden took root. Silvio’s children sometimes help him with his store, but he says that they are not very interested in his art. He does not worry about the upkeep of his sculptures, though. 

‘These things are made to last,’ he asserts. ‘I use the same materials they use in the old country.’ Silvio says he does his art for Americans and Italians. This is why most of his pieces incorporate both countries together. He wants to give America culture. And he wants to give Italians a reminder. ‘I just want Italians to understand,’ he explains. ‘There is much more than just making spaghetti, mostaccioli and pizza. Much more than materialismo. They have literature, Cicero and art.


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