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Litter & Chore Inc.

First published:Summer 2004

‘I like to do things the wrong way,’ says Gavin Bennett, self-styled wordsmith (poet), photographer, film-maker, songster, performance artist, calligrapher, collector of rubbish and mysterious alchemical artisan.

An acrid stench of fish curry and blocked refuse chutes greets you as you first approach Bennett’s home in a crumbling Victorian apartment block in London’s East End. 


A window a few floors up is crammed with children’s toys and scrunched-up plastic bags. As the door to the apartment squeals open, the lank figure of an immaculately-groomed 50 year old man appears. Inside, an overwhelmingly cluttered hall is lined with thousands of books, painted over and drawn upon. Netting is weighed down by a collection of found objects.

This is an article extract; read the full article in Raw Vision #47

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