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Sava Sekulic: "Legend of my Own Life"

First published: Spring 1999

In 1996 Charlotte Zander established her museum with over 3,500 pictures and sculptures in a baroque castle in the Swabian village of Bonnigheim, near Stuttgart. Visitors from all over the world flock to this little place in the idyllic wine locality which houses the world's largest collection of European naive art and an impressive collection of art brut.


As in past centuries, the renovated baroque castle in the medieval town centre has become a cultural focal point. The elegant summer residence was built by the imperial count Friedrich von Stadion in 1756. Two years ago, the former Munich gallery owner Charlotte Zander moved to the castle with her collection, which she began 45 years ago. Its 3,500 paintings, drawings and sculptures are by 321 artists from 44 countries.


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