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Ken Grimes: Truth in Black and White

First published: Spring 2005

If Ken Grimes is right, his art will change the course of human history. If Ken Grimes is right, collective human consciousness will be transformed.

The paintings of Ken Grimes present the themes and symbols of extraterrestrial encounters. They suggest a long history of prior contact and seek to prove a continuing alien influence in our world. He paints signs and symbols made familiar throughout popular culture, e.g., UFOs, crop circles, alien figures. His art and writings document his extensive study of the margins of scientific research, including the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) project.


They ponder the possible meanings of apparently changed testimony, conflicting interpretations, and multiple typographic errors in printed accounts of a presumed audio transmission in 1960 from the vicinity of the star Epsilon Eridani. In the process, the art of Ken Grimes taps into a wide-spread collective fascination with the possibility of alien contact, and it testifies to an impassioned personal quest to uncover an awesome truth.


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