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Ionel Talpazan's Mysterious Technology

First published: Winter 2003

Over the past 50 years, the flying saucer has become one of the most universal and evocative symbols in the world, a global icon suffused with mythological, religious, and folkloric connotations. A blur of science and spirituality, the UFO reverberates with ideas about transcendent beings, otherworldly technology, the weird and uncanny, the absolute Other, planetary escape, and the mysteries of the universe.



The complex mythic and psychic meaning of the flying saucer is embodied in the art of Ionel Talpazan, a refugee from Romania now living in New York.
This self-taught visionary artist estimates that he has created more than 1,000 works of art inspired by his visions and ideas about UFOs and their travel throughout the universe.



His work illustrates in a singular and compelling way the archetypal aspects of UFOs as vehicles of inexplicable wonder, utopian technology, and otherworldly salvation. Talpazan says that he has ‘sacrificed his life to the UFO,’ and his ultimate goal is to reveal the mysterious technology and hidden meanings of flying saucers to the people of planet Earth.


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