First published: Fall 2000

Freddie Brice explains that people enjoy his paintings because they are 'the real McCoy'; a quality he defines as, 'something that is homemade, you made it by hand... that is the realness of the thing'.


Brice's direct style imparts an immediacy and animation to his subjects that surpasses conventional realism; bulls, dogs, fish, even watches and furniture become dynamic, anthropomorphised forms.

Gaping mouths baring menacing teeth characterise even Brice's fish, and sometimes a mouth viewed straight on is superimposed on a profile, giving the creature a contorted sneer. Brice's interchangeable perspectives and dimensions create a world in which spatial relationships and laws are blurred and solid objects seem to be floating – as if in suspended animation.


This is an article extract; read the full article in Raw Vision #32.

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