Colin McKenzie: ‘EXISTENCE’

First published: Summer 2010

Three dimensional acrylic design painting demonstrates a fresh and vibrant view from within the acrylic-painting world. Existence is the birth of an all-new painting style that until now did not exist. This first three dimensional painting incorporates the fledgling beginnings of a new concept within the arts of acrylic painting and brings with it the ability and the knowledge to tantalise the imagination of acrylic painters for centuries to come.

3D acrylic painting is a natural evolutionary step forward. My new painting Existence, has been inspired by three masters: Van Gogh, Escher and Monet. The influence of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers in the shape and design of ‘the sunflower vortex, black hole’ is completely transparent, as is the influence of Escher in ‘the Escher asteroids’ (bottom left and right hand corners). Perhaps somewhat less obvious is the influence of Monet throughout the use of colour within the 3D painted frame: although having been painted after ‘the Escher asteroids’, the obviousness of Escher’s influence in the shape and design of the frame is perhaps also somewhat unmistakable.



The frame work could therefore be justified within influential description as being ‘Escher with a Monet-like twist of colour’. The 3D painted background stars and planets are painted in four colours only: yellow, green, red and blue, representing yellow­ – wind; green – earth; red – fire; and blue – water.

The inner mid-ground silver planet which has its own frame is connected to the outer frame by a three-dimensionally painted umbiblical cord (bottom left) and is called ‘the world of Thomas’. This entire design was inspired by a friend’s pregnancy and the design gained its name after her son, Thomas, was born. Existence tells the story of life until death, from the beginning until the end, and as such is painted as a celebration of life and the birth of ‘three-dimensional acrylic design painting’.


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