First published: Summer 2016

Alice Mary Theodosia Pery (1833–1906) was one of seven children of the Honourable Edmund Sexton Pery (1797–1860) and the Honourable Elizabeth Charlotte Cokayne (1798–1883), and on both sides of the family a direct descendent of King Edward III. Alice was also a Spiritualist and highly talented mediumistic artist who chose to have little contact with her family, their opulent lifestyle and her Catholic upbringing. Instead, she lived alone among working-class villagers and kept her identity a secret. She began creating art in the early 1870s and continued until her death in 1906, all the while using a pseudonym – if she signed her work at all.

Unseen Witness, Alice Pery, 1890, oil on board, 8.25 x 6.25 ins. / 21 x 16 cm

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