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Untitled (25), McKenzie, 2010. Coloured pencil and marker on paper, 18 x 18 cm (7 x 7 in.)

From July 10 – August 28, 2020 Tierra Del Sol are hosting an exhibition of Dru McKenzie's work, curated from artworks made over 25 years.

McKenzie draws on various inspirations found in high fashion magazines and National Geographic to produce a richly layered and deeply personal iconography.

McKenzie’s mastery lies in her interpretative approach to her subject matter. [She] transforms ordinary imagery she encounters in the world and on the page into something potent and uniquely her own, with an indigeneity that invokes a mysticism fundamental to sensory experience.


until April 8, 2020
Retrospective of works by Judith Damgaard Nielsen (1954–2019)

until September 20, 2020
Pakito Bolino presents his world tour, “Mondo Dernier Cri”, celebrating 20 years of Le Dernier Cri

until February 21, 2020
A crowdfunding campaign has been set up to save the recently discovered "Roman Villa" created by Ron Gittins in Birkenhead

until March 8, 2020
"Autobiographic" explores the aesthetic diaries of Carlo Zinelli and Valerie Potter

February 1–29, 2020
Painting, sculpture, and assemblage by Houston-based artist Steven Sachs

until February 22, 2020
Group show “Explorations” includes works by a selection of outsider artists

until February 23, 2020
Exhibition “Ferocious Rhinoceros?” is dedicated to French artist Gaston Dufour ("Gaston Duf", 1920–1966)