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until September 1, 2019
Musée d’Art Brut presents Jano Pesset’s assemblages made from ivy and hazel wood


until January 27, 2019
In the 21st annual exhibition, 300 paintings and objects created by outsider artists at the studios of the Kunsthaus are presented

until January 20, 2019
An insight into the fascinating art of Swiss psychiatric patients around the year 1900

November 1–3, 2018
The “Art Against the Flow” Summit in Chicago

until December 16, 2018
Featuring works by some of the foremost self-taught artists of the 20th century

until September 1, 2019
"Parenting: An Art without a Manual"

October 25-28, 2018
Works by Ben Wilson (London), Garrol Gayden (New York) and Robert Fischer (Germany)

until October 27, 2018

Cathy Ward‘s UK debut of her 23-foot long Phantasmata painting, animated film Realm, plus older and new works.