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"Nude Madness" by 5537 Fernando Holguin Cereceres

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5537 Fernando Holguin Cereceres' entry into the 2019 Raw Vision short film competition.

"Like most artists I just feel to express and depict what I witness through my life.

I am interested in portraying the quotidian life in these socially challenging times.

My work has evolved just like I have developed as a person; although I feel my work is been the same since first I started painting.

I like to use any media, so long the concept is achieved as I intended.

The media is only to express my ideas.

I’ve written on images using the text as media on media.

It started since I added notes to my sketches, using the text as additional information to the drawing and then developed as a form of expression in itself, like writing poems etc.

My works generally relate to topics exposing a relationship between human beings and society as a whole.

I’m interested in creating work that provokes a dialog, rather than telling or asking. I do it just for the communication itself.

I’m very aware that once the artwork is out there, the viewer can have any interpretation outside the original intention, I believe it is a risk worth taking.

At the end of the day, if we like something, we don’t necessarily have to fully understand it, so long as we enjoy it."

Film submission ID: 44