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"Bonan Tagon, Mia Nomo Estas Parzival'" by Barbara Meyer Cesta and Rudolf Steiner

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Barbara Meyer Cesta and Rudolf Steiner's entry into the 2019 Raw Vision short film competition.

“I have no personal identity; my mission is my identity.”
- Parzival'

The outsider action artist Parzival’ is not a utopian, but a visionary. Since the early 1970s, he has advocated for world peace, proclaiming himself the world government and living life free of both fossil fuels and nuclear power. He lives in his “ambassade de soleil” (the embassy of the sun) in Sonceboz, a small Swiss village. Although his goal is explicitly political, Parzival’ is more than a political activist. In a highly creative and humorous process, he cloaks every expression, every action in artistic form, with the ultimate purpose of increasing intercultural understanding and cooperation.

Film submission ID: 42