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Raw Vision #6

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Raw Vision #6
  • L’Eglise Verte: the New Age church by René Raoult, by Claure Arz
  • The Art of Becoming Gatto: Joe Gatto’s primitive paintings, by Gene Epstein
  • Hotel Angst and the Bacchic Garden: Marcello Cammi’s Revelation by Bruo Montpied
  • Perifimou in his World by Monka Kinley
  • The Fun House Destroyed: Tyree Guyton’s ‘Heidelberg Project’ in Detroit torn down
  • Art and Psychosis: Michel Thévoz, curator of Collection de l’Art Brut in Lausanne, discusses
  • Silence, exile and cunning in the art of Martin Ramirez, by David Maclagan
  • Two environments in Thailand: The Dream Monastery of Phra Sumroeng, by Philip Reeve, and the twin Buddha Parks of Bonhour Sunriyat on the Thai–Laos border, by John Turner
  • A.G. Rizzoli: The Architecture of Hallucination by John MacGregor

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