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Raw Vision #5

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Raw Vision #5
  • The Endless Universe of Mario Chichorro, by Leonard Emmerling
  • Hermon Finney: Medium, Clairvoyant or Genius? By Roger Manley
  • The Owl House of Helen Martin, South Africa’s most famous environmental work. By Susan Imrie Ross
  • Rene Strubel’s crucifixions, by Laurent Danchin
  • Johann Garber of Gugging, by Johann Feilacher and Michaela Strebl
  • Miles Carpenter: The Woodcarver from Virginia, by Ann Oppenheimer
  • Danielle Jacqui: She Who Paints, by Jean-Claude Caire
  • Psychic Magnets: the Philadelphia Wireman and the nature of the fetish object, by Mike McGonigal
  • Vonn Ströpp’s drawings are ‘“callowmine” lotion for the sunburnt soul’. By Henry Boxer

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