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In Chicago, Outsider Art Expert Michael Bonesteel, Feeling School Officials' Pressure, Resigns Longtime Teaching Position

Complaints from students in classes taught by Bonesteel led to the school's reduction of his teaching workload -- and to his decision to resign from his teaching post.

Claims that SAIC discriminated against Outsider Art and banned Outsider Art texts have been refuted, and the school says it has not censored the content of Bonesteel’s courses.


until August 20, 2017
Gabritschevsky and Zinelli at American Folk Art Museum, NY

until June 11, 2017
An exhibition of over 100 works of Outsider and naive art

until June 11, 2017
Lortet exhibition at Musée & Jardins Cécile Sabourdy

until June 4, 2017
Nedjar retrospective features dolls, sculptures, drawings, paintings and films

until April 13, 2017
Glasgow's Project Ability explores all things feline.

until March 31, 2017
Jan Sander exhibition at Galerie ART CRU Berlin.

until June 11
"Féminin Pluriel" at Musée de la Création Franche puts women in the spotlight.