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May 21 – Sep 2017
The relationships between the art of David Butler and southern African American quiltmakers.


May 17–20, 2017
Outsider art photography will be explored at European Outsider Art Association conference in May.

until August 20, 2017
Gabritschevsky and Zinelli at American Folk Art Museum, NY

until June 11, 2017
An exhibition of over 100 works of Outsider and naive art

until June 11, 2017
Lortet exhibition at Musée & Jardins Cécile Sabourdy

until June 4, 2017
Nedjar retrospective features dolls, sculptures, drawings, paintings and films

until April 13, 2017
Glasgow's Project Ability explores all things feline.

until March 31, 2017
Jan Sander exhibition at Galerie ART CRU Berlin.