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Treger Saint Silvestre Collection launch new website


Bill Traylor show opens in New York

Bill Traylor show in New York
until September 22, 2013

Sam Farber  1927 - 2013

The outsider art world was in shock and sadness today after the death was announced of Sam Farber.

Outsider Art Fair in Paris

October 24 2013 - October 27 2013

Paul Laffoley

THE ALTERNATIVE GUIDE TO THE UNIVERSE: Mavericks, Visionaries, Outsiders
11 June to 26 August 2013

Vollis Simpson built his first whirligig from the remains of a downed plane to power a washing machine when he was serving in the army during World War II.

Electric Pencil at Lausanne

March 15 2013 - June 20 2013

James Edward Deeds
Collection de l'art brut.
Avenue des Bergiers, 1004 Lausanne, Switzerland.