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May 21 – Sep 2017
The relationships between the art of David Butler and southern African American quiltmakers.


Sam Farber  1927 - 2013

The outsider art world was in shock and sadness today after the death was announced of Sam Farber.

Outsider Art Fair in Paris

October 24 2013 - October 27 2013

Paul Laffoley

THE ALTERNATIVE GUIDE TO THE UNIVERSE: Mavericks, Visionaries, Outsiders
11 June to 26 August 2013

Vollis Simpson built his first whirligig from the remains of a downed plane to power a washing machine when he was serving in the army during World War II.

Electric Pencil at Lausanne

March 15 2013 - June 20 2013

James Edward Deeds
Collection de l'art brut.
Avenue des Bergiers, 1004 Lausanne, Switzerland.


Raw Vision editor John Maizels was interviewed on BBC Radio Three about the Japanese outsider art exhibition at the Wellcome Collection in London.