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March 1–31, 2018
Widener's "Magic Circles” reflect his interest in the future development of artificial intelligence



until January 31, 2018
Three galleries in Milan explore the language trend in visual art

until February 14, 2018
Artworks from the psychiatrist’s artist guest book are shown at gallerie gugging, available for sale

until March 11, 2018
Drawings, sculptures, paintings, regalia and adornments by St. EOM

until January 15, 2018
Artworks from the Open Atelier St. Hedwig

until January 13, 2018
"Insiders" features works by Henry Ray Clark and Frank Jones

A Kickstarter campaign has been set up to support the making of a documentary film about Traylor

December 15–17, 2017
A photo-installation and original portraiture drawings of Nek Chand