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Tim ter Wal in Vienna

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until August 15, 2019

"Dreamscapecity" presents detailed architectural drawings by autistic Dutch self-taught artist Tim ter Wal. It is the first solo exhibition of the artist in Austria, created in collaboration with the Maison Savant, Rotterdam.

From an early age, Tim ter Wal was fascinated by detailed building views, labyrinthine industrial landscapes and complex urban architectures. 

The autistic artist, born in 1984 near Amsterdam, explores the achievements of modernity and the progress of civilization. Highly focused and tireless, he brings the visual traces that have burned the outer world into his memory, in pencil and chalk on paper. "Drawing is like meditating for me: I am merging with what I am doing," says the "precision draftsman," as he calls himself, his talent.

Ter Wal favours oil refineries, steel mills and chemical factories. You can also read these pictures as comments critical of civilization: "No Hope No Future" is written on a page in the middle of smoking smokestacks and coal stoves. Often, ter Wal describes the meticulous network of machine production, shows assembly lines, gears and complex pipe systems and thus reflects the artistic production process.

Curator: Angela Stief

Österreichische Gesellschaft vom Goldenen Kreuze
Kärntner Straße 26 (Eingang Marco-dAviano-Gasse 1), 1010 Wien, Austria