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St EOM Show at Institute 193, KY

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until June 22, 2018

Eddie Owens Martin (1908 –1986), better known as St. EOM, founded his own religion, Pasaquoyanism, in response to visions he had that started in his early twenties. In them, he was visited by giant men with long beards parted down the middle and hair that stood straight up from their heads. They instructed him to build Pasaquan, an expansive compound in his hometown of Buena Vista, Georgia, on which he built pagodas, temples, shrines, and dance floors made of cement and sand lavishly decorated with bright patterns and bas-relief, vividly painted representations of the beings that would continue to visit him over the course of his life. "St. EOM: Pasaquoyanism" at Institute 193 explores this one-man cult.

Institude 193
193 North Limestone Street, Lexington, KY 40507