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Reece Museum, ETSU

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until September 27, 2018

"Self-Taught Art By Any of Its Names" is presented by the Reece Museum and ETSU’s Mary B. Martin School of the Arts in cooperation with Grey Carter – Objects of Art in McLean, Virginia.  Carter, who has been collecting works by and representing self-taught artists for over five decades, curated the exhibit.

The exhibition explores the work of artists who have not attended art school, but who, nonetheless, create compelling art. 

As the exhibition title suggests, the work of these artists is commonly given such labels as “outsider,” “folk,” “visionary,” “primitive” or “naïve.”  For the artists, it is their background, environment, or even personal challenges that typically garner more attention than the artwork itself.

The exhibition begs the questions: “Should not their work be acknowledged and accepted for what it is?” and “Why shouldn’t these artists’ efforts be recognized without the implied caveats of additional labels or unique storyline?”

East Tennessee State University
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