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Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

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July 14 – September 10, 2017 

Philadelphia's Magic Gardens invites viewers to explore a world made by two self-taught artists. "Dazzling Places & Wild Creatures" showcases cardboard puppets by Brent Brown, who was featured in Raw Vision 92 – and pattern-filled landscapes by Sybil Roe Thompson. Both artists live with developmental disabilities and use art as an important means to express themselves. Brent Brown uses cardboard and acrylic paints to create unique sculptural puppets inspired by mythical creatures and pop culture. Sybil Roe Thompson paints meticulously detailed patterns to convey complex ideas and feelings she can’t express through words. The pieces in this exhibition by these visionaries are refreshingly honest and pure, showcasing a deeper look into the personality of both artists. This exhibition, made in partnership with the Outsider Folk Art Gallery, also addresses a larger conversation about the validity of untrained artists and how their work should be viewed as equally profound within the larger art community.

Philadelphia's Magic Gardens 
1020 South Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147