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Outsider Art at Pavia exhibition - freedom or distress?

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Outsider Art at Pavia exhibition - freedom or distress?

Outsider Art at Pavia exhibition - freedom or distress?

Art Brut, Raw Art, Outsider Art: all these terms identify a world of symbols, colours and shapes springing from the imagination and hidden depths of unusual artists – artists who are outside the box, unwittingly revolutionary and free.
The University Biomedical Residence
of the Fondazione Collegio Universitario S. Caterina da Siena which stands out as an innovative force in the historical context of Pavia’s finest colleges – providing accommodation for PhD students, interns and Masters’ degree students, mainly foreign, at the University of Pavia – is the venue for the inauguration of another important exhibition, this time devoted to the Outsider Artists of the Haus der Künstler at the Gugging Museum and of the bild.Balance Atelier in Vienna, whose work will be displayed with other collected works from the Seventies to the present day. Walla, Vondal, Fischer, Wikidal and Katarina Savic are just a few of the artists whose works, belonging to the collection of Fabio and Leo Cei, will be on public display for the first time.
The exhibition, a journey in an exceptional expressive and aesthetic dimension, shows without filters the natural mental factors that are at the root of artistic creation, revealing its original essence.

This type of artistic expression was first classified and gained its first recognition thanks to the efforts of Jean Dubuffet, a famous French painter and sculptor of the first half of the twentieth century, who codified and coined the first definition of this art form which broke free from “asphyxiante culture”: Art Brut.
Art Brut “works created from solitude and from pure and authentic creative impulses, in which concerns over competitors, acclaim and social advancement do not get in the way, and which are, for this very reason, more valuable than the works of professionals”.

Art Brut, which English historian Roger Cardinal, in 1972, dubbed Outsider Art, stems from a creative spirit, an impulse that does not follow set patterns and that disregards techniques and materials, giving rise to a personal style and creating an artistic language of its own, totally outside mainstream culture.
This is not just an exhibition but also an opportunity for deep reflection about boundaries of art, the essence of creativity and the ambiguous and complex relationship between the human being and his work. It is an interdisciplinary event that brings together paintings, objects, music and poetry, and explores the relationship between mental distress and artistic expression.

The whole exhibition experience will be complemented by the music of Simona Concaro, who is affected by autism. The music is transcribed by Pierluigi Politi, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Pavia and by Hanna Shybayeva, who will perform it on the piano. The event will also feature the poems of Ike Hasbani, who also has autism. Both these artists live at Cascina Rossago (Ponte Nizza in the province of Pavia), a social centre specifically catering for the existential and expressive needs of young people with autism.

Nov 24 – Jan 31
Fondazione Collegio Universitario San Caterina is arranging an exhibition of over 80 works by Gugging artists and from the Bild.Balance Atelier.
Residenza Universitaria Biomedica
27100 Pavia, ITALY