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Norbert Kox (1945–2018)

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One of the greatest visionary artists of his generation, Norbert Kox was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Whilst a member of the notorious “Outlaws” biker gang, he began working on custom bikes and cars, soon progressing to painting on other items, creating artworks from salvaged objects. Leaving the biker gang was an emotional struggle, which he only achieved through immersing himself in religion. Kox soon found that he disbelieved the conventional teachings of Christianity, preferring his own interpretations. He joined the army and, with the help of art instruction books, began painting.

Between 1975 and 1985, Kox went through a period of religious isolation, living as a hermit in the wilderness of his personal outdoor chapel known as “Gospel Road.” On his return to Green Bay, he continued to work on his apocalyptic yet spiritual paintings, making use of nineteenth- and twentieth-century American religious imagery, changing their context and meaning to call attention to counterfeit Christianity. 

His religious visions of the battle between good and evil detail spiritual scriptures and examine the worship of false icons. Kox employed a complex layering technique, depositing layers of vivid oils and watercolours before adding a final glazing, giving a translucent quality. He recently opened his own museum to display his work in Gilett, Wisconsin and was just featured in Raw Vision #99.