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Museum Gugging, Maria Gugging

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until October 7, 2018

Museum Gugging presents art brut works by well-known and newly discovered classics in "existence.! humans in the jean-claude volot collection", the first showing of Jean-Claude Volot's collection in Austria.

Volot is one of today’s most unconventional art collectors. He is fascinated by the existential questions of human life: fate, constraints and suffering, horror and madness, the power of creativity, and love. His collection juxtaposes Art Brut with works of famous artists and yet to be rediscovered classics such as Karel Appel, Gaston Chaissac, Hans Bellmer, or Louise Giamari.

Jean-Claude Volot has been collecting art for three decades. In the selection of his works he ignored the prevailing canon of irrefutable aesthetic qualities which has been stipulated by the purchasing decisions of French museums and art institutions. Volot took and takes the freedom in the compilation of the works that these institutions have denied themselves. Jean-Claude Volot stockpiled all of these artworks in his own monastery, Auberive Abbey, in a secluded forest in Haute Marne. Thousands of paintings, objects, and sculptures are stored behind century-old walls, and the public should not be deprived from them, for they can provide us with insights into facets of our own existence and possibly also our souls – if we let them.

museum gugging
Am Campus 2, A-3400 Maria Gugging, Austria