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Message from Art Brut et Compagnie, France

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There are very few creative couples in the history of art brut. Pierre worked in a carpentry shop in Bourges, central France while Raymonde had a small dressmaking business. They married in 1945 and did not have children. It was after Pierre's retirement in 1968 that they discovered, in their small apartment on rue Calvin in Bourges, hundreds of small "strange" objects that resembled like toys. They invented an imaginary world from their daily lives: at shops, hospital, church, household objects, including a sewing machine, the world of leisure (music, circus), travel (plane, truck, train), modernity (nuclear plant, television, machines), fiction (robots with housekeepers, standing men and the great healing robot Vagamay). 

Their creations are now in the collections of La Fabuloserie, abcd Paris, LaM - Ville d’Ascq and Bourges Museum.

Pierre invented, sculpted wood with a simple penknife, and Raymonde always painted with the same six colours and had little influence except for flower pots and certainly sewing machines, like the Singer machine. This sewing machine which is currently used to make masks that are so badly needed. A mask and a machine that will remain among the symbols of this epidemic in France.

So let's make masks, if we can, for us and for others like Christine, the weaver, a member of our association who makes masks for people with disabilities. Respect!

A simple story, of "common people" – as Dubuffet liked to call the artists of art brut.  Many of them are "ordinary people", "invisible" yesterday, who are today in our new world brought to the fore. Certainly they, like Raymonde and Pierre Petit, deserve to enter the museum, if there is one from Coronavirus.

We do not forget, we lovers of art brut, Raymonde and Pierre Petit, just as we will not forget the caregivers, supermarket cashiers, garbage collectors, bakers, truckers.... and all the others, all those who made masks, those who saved our lives and who help us everyday to stay alive.

Thank you to Raymonde and Pierre Petit, thank you to the artists, thank you to all those who take care of others.

Take good care of yourself.

Friendly and fraternal thoughts.

Alain Moreau
Président Art Brut en Compagnie