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Maroncelli 12, Milan

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until October 31, 2017

Maroncelli 12 is showing the colourful work of little known Italian outsider artist Tarcisio Merati. "Tarcisio Merati: Feast of Colours" features 20 artworks including two tapestries, expressing the artist's changeable mental state. 

In 1975 Merati discovered painting and up until 1983 he attended an art studio inside a mental institution every day, producing a great amount of work. “Freed” by painting, Tarcisio creates a different reality from the one he is living in, each time he paints. Even when his sister came to take him home from the institution he preferred to stay and create. For seven years now, Merati has not painted. He kept asking her to go back to the “castelletto" (small castle, which is what he calls the institution).

In 1991 he was sent to a retirement home close to the hospital, allowing him to go back to the painting studio. Merati produces his own graphic language. The uccelletti (little birds), the macchinette (small cars), the turbines, maps of Italy, decorated alphabet letters, aeroplanini (small airplanes), and insects feature in his work. These subjects, expressed in a variety of forms and colours, invade the space around them, making a rich, bright, and modern Merati opera.

Merati is known only by a small number of collectors. In 1993 he had his first exhibition at Teatro Sociale in Bergamo presented by Vittorio Sgarbi. He has been exhibited internationally exhibitions at Bergamo and at Halle Saint Pierre.

Maroncelli 12
20154, Milan, Italy