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Koelsch Gallery, Texas

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until September 21, 2018

In "my houston II", Koelsch Gallery presents works by Amy C. Evans which explore the history and life of businesses in Houston through Evans’ surrealist, graphic style of painting.

Koeslch Gallery
801 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77006, USA

From Koelsch Gallery press release:

amy c. evans’s witty, surrealist-inspired paintings are documents of specific moments in time. amy moved back to houston in 2014 after being away for 13 years. soon after returning, amy noticed so many restaurants and businesses that were part of her visual, emotional and culinary memory were no longer part of the houston landscape. my houston ii explores the history and life of these businesses via amy’s surrealist / graphic style of painting.

it all starts with an object. amy seeks out vintage packaging, fabric, and accessories to illustrate the life, history and stories of these houston businesses. each painting express her personal memory of the places and her life at the time. when seemingly unrelated objects fall next to each other, they add unexpected meaning to the mundane and become portraits. the individual elements coming together offer a peek into a houston that was. each painting will hopefully spark personal memories and stories for the viewer as well.

amy grew up in houston, texas, where she attended the high school for the performing and visual arts. from there, she traveled to baltimore and received a ba in printmaking from the maryland institute college of art. eight years later, amy craved small-town life and moved to oxford, mississippi, where she obtained an ma in southern studies from the university of mississippi. she stayed in mississippi for 13 years. today, she’s back in houston, still in search of vintage objects, stories, and pie.