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January 2017 marks 5 years since the first blog post on kdoutsiderart.com. To mark this occasion, there will be a physical exhibition in Brighton, UK, showcasing the work of Scottish artist Steve Murison, and secondly an online exhibition featuring work by many of the artists who have appeared on this blog over the past five years. 

Jazz Up Your Lizard: An Exhibition of Work by Steve Murison will show at Gallery Lock in, Brighton, from February 1–5, 2017. Scottish artist Steve Murison’s work is vibrant, somewhat naive in form, but incredibly deep in content. His characters take the form of animals – real and fantastical, and his pieces are tagged with comical but relatable titles.

kdoutsiderart: 5 Years, available here, is a new online exhibition marking the fifth anniversary of the blog. The exhibition features work by many of the artists who have had artists’ showcases on the blog since its inception. The diverse exhibition includes mixed media pieces, paintings, drawings, computer-generated art and sculpture.

Little Western Street, Brighton, BN1 2PU, UK