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Heinrich Nüsslein at The Gallery of Everything

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The Gallery of Everything presents the fourth feature in their series Artist Focus: Heinrich Nüsslein. A digital installation of artworks is available to view here.

Nüsslein was born on 20 April 1879 in Nürnberg, where he trained as a typographer and bookbinder. Yet extreme near-sightedness, almost a form of blindness, meant this predominantly visual individual did not complete the National Art School in Nürnberg.

One of the most idiosyncratic artists to emerge from the Spiritualism movement was Heinrich Nüsslein: a photographer, author and antiquarian, whose immersion in Theosophy would eventually propel him to notoriety throughout his native Germany.

As his practice continued, Nüsslein became convinced that the Nürnberg painter Albrecht Dürer was guiding his hand. This denial of authorship, common among spiritualist artists, was central to Nüsslein’s practice, describing himself as an artisan or a psychical picture-writer.

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The Gallery of Everything
4 Chiltern Street, London, W1