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George Widener at Ricco/Maresca, NY

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March 1–31, 2018

"George Widener: Magic Circles" presents Widener's mixed-media works on paper featuring bold palettes and patterning. His oeuvre represents a visual exploration of possible numerical systems or mind games based on historical events and dates.

Widener has been exploring combining calendrical dates with magic squares for more than 25 years. His resulting “Magic Circles” series reflects his interest in the future development of artificial intelligence. In a non-dystopian future, Widener believes people and machines will have prodigious memory and calculation capabilities—via biological or technical improvements. Machines will become a new species with higher creative intelligence and humans will be enhanced with skills that seem implausible today. He envisions these magic circles as a form of recreation, because they allow the user to “programme” them; to choose a specific theme and then fit the provided days of the week with appropriate dates. When artificial intelligence occurs, these “crossdate” or “crosstime” puzzles will become feasible games.

Ricco/Maresca Gallery
529 W 20th St, New York, NY 10011