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The Gallery of Everything

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until March 12, 2017


Yoshiko Otsuka Fine Art International, Tokyo, has announced that Japanese self-taught artist Hiroyuki Doi’s new artworks are on view at the Gallery of Everything in London, U.K. until March 12, 2017. 


Through Hiroyuki Doi’s artworks, Doi very much wants to send a message to future generations of human beings about the importance of using their own hands to create meaningful objects and artworks.  He says, “This human touch is very important not only in art but also in all communication.”

THIS IS DEDICATED TO THE ONE I LOVE presents three artists whose practices evdience a visual communication with a key family member or companion.

Hiroyuki Doi is a Japanese draughtsman whose concentric mappings form a meditated response to the loss of his brother. These monochromatic and often mesmeric essays take up to three months to complete, for they serve to honour the memory of a relationship which only continues in its newly discovered form.

The figurative oeuvre of Nigel Kingsbury employs apparently simple mark-making to create an ethereal and effortless community. These female forms are based on the women who were close to the artist, those who cared for him and those for whom he cared, effortlessly transformed by pencil and time into mighty gestures of love.

The intimate testimonies of Harald Stoffers reveal the graphic inner life of a non-stop conceptual art-maker. Addressed to the mother with whom he still shares his primary relationship, these edgy abstracted texts adapt the conventions of letter-writing into a lifelong practice of tiny paper shavings and vast confessional scrolls.



4 Chiltern St., London W1 U.K.