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Galerie Gugging

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February 16 – May 9, 2017


The animal kingdom, in all its facets, is fascinating and is repeatedly used as a subject in Art Brut.


The artist Franz Kamlander from Gugging became famous for his drawings and paintings of animals. Coming from a farm in Lower Austria, his favourite topic was clearly the depiction of cows. He drew and painted beloved “livestock” - the term mostly used to describe domesticated animals in agriculture - in countless variants as a symbol of his youth. For him and all his artist colleagues, it’s not about producing the most natural depiction possible of an animal but about conveying its emotions. It’s the feelings of animals that are presented and the perception of these feelings by the artist.


Experiences and memories find expression in drawings, paintings and objects. In addition to Franz Kamlander’s work, franz kamlander & co: "animal efforts" presents a further 25 artists - from Laila Bachtiar to August Walla - who provide an insight into the “brutish” animal world. Dense, archaic works by Michel Nedjar, fine drawings by Oswald Tschirtner and colour-intensive works by August Walla illustrate the wide range of approaches to this subject matter. With rarities by Anton Dobay and Ernst Herbeck, plus objects by Jens Mohr, paintings by Ernst Schär and drawings by Michael Vonbank seen at galerie gugging for the very first time.


To accompany the exhibition a catalogue has been published which gives you an insight into the “animal efforts” of Art Brut, with texts by Ernst Herbeck and Michael Vonbank.



Am Campus 2, A-3400 Maria Gugging