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Galerie Art Cru Berlin

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until January 15, 2018

Galerie ART CRU Berlin is showing works from the Open Atelier St. Hedwig, a cooperation celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. In this exhibition, titled "Arcadia: In The Quest for Beauty", artists search for a promised land, exploring Greek mythology, delving into the past and the future and inside of themselves.

Galerie ART CRU Berlin 
PS-Art e.V. Berlin, Oranienburger Str. 27
10117 Berlin, Germany


From Galerie Art Cru Berlin's Press Release:

As different as the artists of the Open Atelier are, so are their paintings and way of referencing the exhibition’s theme. Martin Nieder , for example, directly quotes the show’s title in the piece “Arcadia”. His painting reveals a Canadian landscape, created very precisely with a del icate brushstroke. The luminous, extensive color composition brings to mind Pop Art at first glance. After a closer look, you surprisingly find a stylistic element of Surrealism: the horizon line challenges the perception of the otherwise strictly composed perspective. Martin Nieder has worked in the Open Atelier for seven years. His works have been on display in our gallery several times and at other exhibition spaces. 

The pictures of Haci Sami Yaman , who has been working in the Atelier for a year, are co ntrasty compositions of dots, strokes and lines seemingly following certain rules that are not immediately comprehensible. They form patterns, structures and streams that are fascinating in a unique way. At the same time, his pictures are reminiscent of ae rial views or sketches by landscape architects. The dynamic configuration of the images is even more impressive when you know that Yaman is an artist who is almost completely blind. The Atelier has a special kind of acrylic pens for him to use. When he app lies the paint, the artist is able to orient himself by pushing the pens forcefully or by tapping. With the work he puts into his paintings, Yaman suggests underlying theories of energies, operating modes of switching systems and other philosophical - techni cal constructions of thoughts.   

The works of Ursula Hanke show her great passion for experimentation. She is constantly looking for a new artistic challenge by trying out new techniques, mostly graphic in nature. On display in the exhibition are two of her paintings in which she implements the same motif with different drawing materials. The meticulously shaped landscape – in one version as a red chalk, in the other as an ink drawing – opens, due to its precise reproduction, a content - related area of tensio n between original and copy, playing with reproducibility of emotionally charged, romantic landscapes.

Galerie ART CRU Berlin is Berlin’s only gallery for so - called Outsider Art since 2008. The term (introduced in 1945 by painter Jean Dubuffet as “Art Bru t”) refers to art by people with psychiatric disorders or mental disabilities. We are convinced that the particular perceptions these artists have allow them to create art of high authenticity. With our exhibitions we present works by “outsiders” as a cruc ial part of contemporary art and aim to foster discourse within the established art world. Being located at the Kunsthof on Oranienburger Straße, the gallery presents works by people with disabilities right in the centre of Berlin’s art scene. Galerie ART CRU Berlin is backed by the non - profit federation PS - Art e.V. Berlin – a network of different institutions.

For its five - year jubilee the gallery published a chronicle comprising all exhibition catalogues from 2008 - 13. In 2014 we took part at the Outsider Art Fair in Paris, the world’s leading fair in this field. The same year saw the nomination of five artists from the network of PS - Art e.V. Berlin for the international art prize euward . Since 2015 the gallery is a member of the lvbg , the Galleries Associ ation of Berlin (Landesverband Berliner Galerien).